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Review on Nanopatterned Polymer Brushes!

Qian Yu, Linnea K. Ista, Renpeng Gu, Stefan Zauscher, and Gabriel P. López, “Nanopatterned Polymer Brushes: Conformation, Fabrication and Applications,” Nanoscale, in press, 2015.

New predictive insights into the morphology of diblock-co-polymer micelles

Li, N.K., Fuss. W.H., Tang, L., Gu, R., Chilkoti, A., Zauscher, S., Yingling, Y. G. “Prediction of solvent-induced morphological changes of polyelectrolyte diblock copolymer micelles,” Soft Matter, 2015, Advance Article, DOI: 10.1039/C5SM01742D



Stefan Zauscher becomes Director of the NSF Research Triangle MRSEC

On September 1, Prof. Zauscher became PI of the Research Triangle MRSEC (Materials Research Science and Engineering Center) and took over the directorship of the center from Prof. Gabriel Lólgthumb_triangleMRSECpez.


Zauscher CV August 2015

Click for: CV_Zauscher_2015.


Lab Hike June 2015


Congratulations to Qing Tu!

Congratulations to Qing for passing his prelim with flying colors. Looking forward to the next phase of research!


Congratulations to Dr. Eric Zhang!

Eric passed his dissertation defense today!
His dissertation is entitled: Conformational and Mechanical Characterization  of Organic Tin Films on Surfaces by Neutron Reflection and Atomic Force Microscopy
Congrats Eric!

Zauscherlab Summer 2014

Lab lunch in August 2014.
From left to right (back row): Qing Tu, Yaying Feng, Prof. Stefan Zauscher, Daniel French and Luis Navarro
From left to right (front row):Renpeng Gu, Miriam Simon, Dr. Zehra Parlak, Kate Marusak, and Lei Tang
Missing: Dr. Isao Aritome, Eric Zhang, Madhurima Vardhan, Gene Wong

group photo1



HIV-1 Antibodies and Vaccine Antigen Selectively Interact with Lipid Domains

Greg’s paper was just published in BBA – Biomembranes. Congrats Greg!

2014 Biointerface Science GRC, Il Ciocco

The 2014 Gordon Research Conference in Biointerface Science was a resounding success. Thanks go to all the speakers and discussion leaders, for presenting thought provoking new material and for providing excellent discussions! A link to the program can be found here: 2014 Biointerface Science GRC Program

I also would like to thank the sponsors, including GRC, NSF, ARO, ONR-G, ICAM, Biointerphases, Oxford Instruments, NSF Triangle MRSEC, and the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke.




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